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Our Port Canaveral History
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The richness of a country is measured by the richness of its resources. By the skill of commercial fishermen, we have access to a food source that is unadulterated, healthy, and sustainable.

When Port Canaveral was dedicated, November 4th 1953, its main industry was fishing. Evidence of commercial fishing can be found as far back as the late 17th and early 18th centuries. This has been a safe harbor for fishermen since its inception.
In 2013 the Port Canaveral commissioners voted unanimously in support of commercial fishing’s continuation in Article 19 of the Port Canaveral Charter. They recognized the importance of the fishing industry, assuring the public that such operations would not be squeezed out by development. This is something for the community to be proud of. It benefits the region and the country, ensuring access to Cape Canaveral’s natural resources. 

Residents hold it as a point of pride that real local seafood is available here. Non-residents get a glimpse of Florida fishermen feeding the people when they visit our working waterfront. Our fish house has history and a sense of place for both visitors and residents. We are world class and working class. Commercial fishermen feed the people!

 Below are a few stories that our fishermen composed themselves: