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Seafood Market


Open Wednesday-Sunday 10am – 7pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday



The Seafood Market carries a variety of products which vary daily, but below is an idea of our selection-  

Local Blue Crab, Live Local  Hardshell Clams, Local Pompano, Local Florida Lobster, Local Flounder, a variety of Grouper and Snapper Species, Local  Mahi Mahi, Live Maine Lobster,  Monkfish, Live Oysters, Local Swordfish, Squid, Chilean Seabass,  Local Golden TilefishTuna (Yellowfin, Big Eye, Albacore), Local Wahoo, Local King and Spanish Mackerel, Fresh Salmon, Whole Octopus, Fresh U-10 Scallops, Rock Shrimp Tails, Canaveral White Shrimp, and Royal Red Shrimp. 

We also carry prepared items such as  crab cakes, pints of shucked oysters and Seafood Atlantic’s ‘Never from a Can’ Tuna Salad

Blue Crab

Live Florida Blue Crab is brought in bi-weekly from the Banana and Indian River by our Local Crabber, Bill Bowler. They are sold by the pound as a mixed run. Blue Crabs are extremely high in vitamin B12 with just 3 ounces of crab filling your daily allowance. That’s why people are so happy to have the crabs!


Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass, also known as Patagonian Tooth Fish, is imported from the cold deep waters of the southern hemisphere. It is high in Omega 3 and when thoroughly cooked has a tender texture unlike any other fish. Chilean Seabass is suited to dry cooking methods such as broiling, sautéing and grilling.



Our Hardshell Middleneck Clams come out of Sebastian and are delivered bi-weekly. They are available live by the dozen or 100 count bag. The way our clams are cultivated makes them very clean, but you may still choose to purge them with cornmeal. Sizes of clams, other than middleneck, can be special ordered.

Crab Cakes

Our Crab Cakes are made in house daily. They are very easy to cook in a frying pan with a little butter until golden brown, or in the oven at 350 for about 12 minutes. Make a simple sandwich with remoulade sauce, or reform one cake into three little cakes as an appetizer.

Florida Lobster

Florida Lobster, also known as Spiny Lobster, is caught August 6 through March 31st by method of diving. Local Lobsters can be between 1 and 10lb. Although Florida Lobsters lack the claws of their cold water counterparts, the body and antennae of Florida Lobster are full of meat. Recommended method of preparation is to split the Lobster down the center, butterfly and lay it open, slather with butter and garlic, and broil or grill until the meat loses its translucence and becomes opaque throughout.


Flounder caught in the Banana River, Mosquito Lagoon, and offshore in the Ocean. Our Divers catch Flounder in ocean depths of up to 160 feet. Local Flounder is a light and mild fish delicious fried, baked, stuffed or broiled.


Many varieties of Grouper can be seen in our seafood case, Black Grouper, Gag Grouper, Snowy Grouper, Red Grouper, and Yellow Edge Grouper. The grouper has a powerful mouth that can creates a vacuum to suck prey in, swallowed whole rather than bitten. Consequently, the cheeks of the grouper are a unique piece of meat unlike a fillet. We sell Grouper heads too, cheeks included.


Mackerel are schooling fish that migrate passed Cape Canaveral twice a year, that’s when we catch ’em! King and Spanish Mackerel are both flavorful fish high in Omega 3 and Vitamin E. Sold whole, when available.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is caught in all of the world’s oceans. Available locally most of the year. Mahi Mahi is also a trophy fish because of its brilliant coloring and size. Mahi Mahi also known as Dolphin, is well liked for its mild taste and firm texture that can accommodate most seasonings. 


Monkfish the master of disguise, also known as Goosefish, can change it’s color to match its surroundings. Not especially pretty as a fillet (or a fish) it is also known as Poor Mans Lobster because of it’s similar taste and texture to Lobster.


Octopus is excellent fried, marinated, in sushi dishes, or sauteed over pasta. We get it locally when we can, but always have it in stock frozen, both large Octopus, and baby Octopus. 

Rock Shrimp

Due to their tough shell, rock shrimp didn’t have the marketability of the pink, brown, and white shrimp. In the 1980’s a machine was invented by Rodney Thompson to split and devien the shrimp, making Rock Shrimp marketable worldwide. Their taste and texture is similar to a cross between white shrimp and lobster. Rock Shrimp cook much faster then regular shrimp so be careful not to overcook. 


We carry live Oysters year round, by the box, by the dozen, and also in preshucked pints. Typically we source our Oysters from Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia. Oysters are a great reason to have a get together around the grill. There are a million ways to enjoy Oysters, straight from the shell, or as fancy as Rockefeller!

Sea Scallops

We generally carry U-10 scallops, which means there are Under 10 in a pound, the biggest scallops you can get! Sea Scallops are processed on the boat and shipped directly to us at peak freshness. Scallops are a very versatile protein, they may be broiled, skewered, seared, stir fried, wrapped in bacon, baked or even microwaved. Always take care not to overcook. Scallops are done as soon as they lose their translucence and become opaque. If you plan to cook them in a sauce, cook Scallops separately.


Squid is infinitely delicious and easy to prepare. Clean the squid by cutting off the tenacles close to the beak, brush off cartlidge from tenacles and remove the strip of cartilage and the inards from the head. This part is cut laterally and used to make calamari rings. May also be blanched to remove skin. If that’s too intense, we also carry Cleaned Squid.


Swordfish is local when available. Dense meaty steaks are typically grilled and also great broiled. The swordfish is our signature fish because Seafood Atlantic Inc. started as a sword and tuna fishing boat… but also, we think it is the best fish to eat.


Salmon is not found locally but is readily available. We have whole salmon flown in and fillet them on site for maximum freshness and quality control. North Atlantic and Antarctic Salmon are brought in 2-3 times a week.


Our fleet follows the Tuna’s seasonal migration fishing east and north of Cape Canaveral during the fall/winter months (when the fish are high in fat content) and in the summer travel to the Mid and North Atlantic. Firm and flavorful a versitile fish used for anything from sushi to grilling. We may have Yellow Fin, Big Eye, and Albacore, depending on availablity. 


Tilefish is a deep water fish that sleeps in underwater caves, seeks shelter in self made burrows and caves at the bases of reefs or piles of rock often in canyons or the edge of steep slopes. Tilefish are active fish and keep to themselves, generally staying at or near the bottom. They have a light almost sweet taste that has been compared to scallops and lobster.


Wahoo also is known as “Ono” after the Hawaiin word for “good to eat”. Wahoo are closely related to Mackerel. Because the Wahoo is a low-fat fish it is beneficial to use an oily marinate or poach to prevent drying out.